A good HR policy and the correct use of HR instruments can improve the performance of employees. A good HR policy also offers an opportunity to bind good employees to your organisation, because employees value an organisation that takes good care of matters very highly. These are important reasons to invest in a good personnel policy.

However, you do not only professionalise your personnel policy for your employees. In recent years, the government has placed an ever-increasing number of responsibilities with the employer. Think of health and safety legislation, absenteeism due to illness, incapacity for work and reintegration. There are also regular changes in employment legislation and collective labour agreements to which your employment contracts and personnel regulations must be adjusted. This can have major consequences for SME organisations without HR knowledge, both on a personnel level as in a financial sense.

All in all, there are several reasons to professionalise your personnel policy. But what if you don't have your own HR staff? In that case, it is a reassuring thought that you can fall back on our HR services, which we have developed especially for SMEs.

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